Rosa Bianca

Treasured Italian heirloom. Beautiful plump fruits are shaded rosy pink and white, and the flavor is out-of-this-world: creamy, mild, totally bitter free. Really choice. Likes heat. Bountiful Gardens

Violette Longue Hative Eggplant – The historic “Early Long Purple” has been a standard for many years in France and other parts of Europe. In 1885, Vilmorin said that this variety was best for Paris because of its earliness. Indeed this variety is still a great-producing early variety that yields delicious, elongated fruit that are quite beautiful and refined-looking, superb for slicing and many other uses.

Long Purple –  Slender, Asian-style eggplants slice easily and cook fast in stir-fry and other dishes. These ripen early. Tender fruit don’t need peeling. Bountiful Gardens

Casper White – Medium size, very attractive, smooth ivory-white fruit that have a very mild mushroom-like flavor. Prolific plant. Fruit ripens early. An excellent variety for specialty growers and gardeners. Baker Creek

Black Beauty – Globe Eggplant- a nice big, dark purple oval fruit, weighing up to 3 lbs. A standby for many years for early big fruits with good flavor. Bountiful Gardens



Tromboncino, Zucchino Rampicante

The famous Italian heirloom vining zucchini and pumpkin; long slender 15-inch fruit have a flat bulb at the bottom. They are one of the best eating summer squash: very tender, mild and sweet tasting. The flavor is superb! This squash is also great as winter squash. The Italians use it for stuffing in gnocchi and ravioli; the flesh is rich and flavorful, great for baking and pies! The vines produce good yields of this great all-purpose squash. The mature fruit grow very long.

Acorn, Ebony Squash – Fine-textured flesh that is tender, sweet nutty, and moist.  A favorite for baking, microwaves in minutes for a quick meal. Bountiful Gardens

Delicata “zeppelin” Squash – High sugar content, fruit are 1-3 lbs. each and skin color is rust-white with green stripes. Delicate sweet flavor. This old heirloom was introduced in 1894 by Peter Henderson and Co. Bountiful Gardens

Waltham Butternut – AAS 1970.  A vigorous vining type with light-tan bottle shaped fruits up to 3-6 lbs. Light orange, rich dry flesh with a delicious nutty flavor. A small seed cavity. One of the best keepers. Rich in vitamin A. Good on average soil. These are very productive and space-saving when grown up a fence or trellis–deep roots do well with less water. A good “three sisters” variety with corn and beans (around the edge of the patch). Bountiful Gardens


Zappallo del Tronco

Most resistant to squash bugs of any squash we have ever grown. Big healthy plants. These are a different species (c. maxima) than other summer squash (most others are c. pepo). Glossy round fruits are meatier and richer-tasting than other summer squash, as if they had been buttered. Better flavor raw than other summer squash. A staff favorite. A treasure from South America that deserves to be better known. Very rare. Bountiful Gardens

Dark Star Zucchini – Combines great springtime performance in cooler soils and marginal conditions, with a big root system that goes deep to find water and resist drought. Features dark green, glossy fruits that keep for long periods. Its light yellow interior flesh, with elevated levels of lutein, makes for superb eating. Open plant for easy picking. An extremely productive variety. Native Seed Search

Grey Zucchini – c. pepo 50-55 days from planting; A great summer squash for western regions. Stores well and has an excellent flavor. Blossoms are also particularly delicious. Baker Creek

Golden Patty Pan – c. pepo Bush. Many folks have called to request these. Flat “flying saucer” fruits with scalloped edges. High-yielding. Also known as scallopini or cymlings. More domed shape and larger seed cavity for stuffing than the green patty pan. Popular for baking. Bountiful Gardens



Dragon Langerie

Heirloom from the 1800’s. Flat, creamy, 8″ yellow pods with thin purple stripes (which disappear with cooking).   Impossible for commercial production, as the pods are so juicy that they wilt when shipped.

Rattlesnake Beans – Climbing variety of green bean with purple streaks. This variety is a standout producer with summer heat.

Cantare bean – Bush, 50-55 days. Superior producer of nice straight dark green pods for snaps. The slim 4-5-inch pods are stringless and the flavor is every bit as outstanding as the yield! This French variety makes a fine crop for market growers or home gardeners. Excellent tolerance to bean mosaic virus.

Calima Bean – Bush, 50-55 days. French filet type pods of dark green color, slim straight shape, and superior flavor! Pods are held conveniently at the top of the stocky bushes; pick them when no thicker than a pencil. Fine for fresh use, canning and freezing.

Yard-long Bean – vigorous climbing variety Thin, tender pods 12-30″ long are excellent snap beans when young. These are the meaty, stringless, tender-textured beans used in Chinese and Thai restaurants. Young leaves may be cooked.

Green Pole bean – A favorite at Permaculture Cubed. Delicious 6-8” pod on this prolific producer.


Tarahumara Capirame

Bush,  A large bean with red to maroon stripes over a cream-beige background. Fresh picked dry beans have bright fuchsia pink colors that are otherworldly.

Tarahumara Ojo de cabra – “Goat’s Eye.” High-yielding pole bean producing large seeds with diversely-colored dark stripes over a speckled light background. Occasional red, pinto, or gold beans mixed in. Plant produces purple-striped pods. A sweet, mild staple of the Sierra Madre.



Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Frying Sweet Pepper

Legendary heirloom. Easy to grow, with big yields. 8″ long fruits ripen quickly to bright red, covering the 24″ plants. Thin walls, very sweet, with smoky, delicate, complex flavors. Freezes and dries well. Fabulous flavor. Bountiful Gardens

Sweet Bell Pepper Mix – It’s fun to grow a palette of peppers: yellow, orange, red, purple, chocolate, and white bell-type fruits. Bountiful Gardens

Yolo Wonder Bell Pepper – California Heirloom bell pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper – Sweet, mild peppers to 7″ long. The yellow peppers develop a pink blush and ultimately turn red–sweet the whole time.



Called an Ancho when dried, a Poblano when fresh. Pick when green for a mild flavor or wait until red for increased medium-hot heat level. Extremely versatile in the kitchen. Plants are approximately 2-3 feet tall. Native Seed Search

Jalepeno – These 3 inch, fleshy jalapeno peppers are generally medium hot, but cultivation practices can produce variations in heat.  Usually picked when dark green, but will ripen to red given time.  This early variety ripens more quickly than many jalapeño varieties, with a large and continuous harvest. Native Seed Search


Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe

This very small, very early heirloom was introduced in Minnesota in 1948. Measuring just 4 inches across, they have sweet, orange flesh and are perfect miniature versions of the “Classic Muskmelon”. Compact, 3-4-foot vines produce good yields.

Sugar Baby Watermelon – Extremely sweet. Vigorous vines produce round fruits 8-12 lbs. Flesh is medium red, crisp, firm and solid with few seeds. Very productive, resistant to cracking. Fancy groceries and farmer’s markets carry this by name because customers ask for it. Bountiful Gardens

Mexican Sour Gerhkin

Incredible, small cucumber-like fruit are shaped like baby watermelons. They are good added to salads or can be pickled. They have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lemon. The ornamental vines have tiny leaves and flowers and are perfect for the cottage garden. Very unique and fun for kids. Huge yields.

Marketmore 76 Cucumber- Consistently produces through hot and cool weather! 8-9″, slicing cucumbers!. Disease resistant. Bountiful Gardens

Toma Verde Tomatillo – Physalis ixocarpa. An early bearing (60-70 days) green tomatillo with medium to large fruit. The tart fruits become sweeter as they ripen. Native Seed Search

Cajun Jewel Okra – The short plants produced dozens of tender 5″-6″ pods, with outstanding flavor. Bountiful Gardens




noun: orach

  1. Native to the Alps, formerly called “mountain spinach”, an annual species growing to 6’ at maturity, used as warm weather salad greens with spinach-like qualities. Cut as young seedlings or pick leaves as plant matures. Best salad quality comes from first 18” of growth. Mature plant is highly ornamental as seed bracts appear and enlarge in the same color as the leaves. Currently coming into use for floral arrangements. A good late summer pollen source for syrphid flies to help protect autumn crops from aphids.

Aurora Orach

Brightest lights this side of chard. Red, gold, green, pink, carmine, and pure purple with Dayglow radiance. The genes for this were introduced to the seed trade in 2002 by Fedco Seed of Maine. Farm Original Variety! Wild Garden Seed

Golden Orach – A rare heirloom from the old Abundant Life Seed. Really shines when mixed with spinach. Wild Garden seeds

Rainbow Chard – Beautiful in planters and flower beds, nice cut young for salads. Red, yellow, pink, purple, white, and orange. Bountiful Gardens

Fordhook Giant Chard – Classic Swiss chard with huge dark green extra-glossy savoyed leaves.  A broad silvery-white midrib which can be cooked separately. This one has proven most tolerant of drought and heat in our gardens

Champion Collards – Developed in the 1930’s to be bolt-resistant and compact in size.  Flat, thick leaves offer some resistance to pests and weather, giving it a long harvest season. Bountiful Gardens



Another of humanity’s oldest crops, with garlands of these flowers found in the pharaoh’s’ tombs. Safflower is a thistle-like plant 1-2 ft tall with yellow to red flowers. The flowers are used for dye or drying and the petals as a home substitute for saffron. The seeds average 40% oil content, and yield a high-quality oil with many health benefits.  It prefers a long dry season and limited rain. Bountiful Gardens

Mountain Garland Clarkia – Produces showy, compact flowers along multiple 2-4 foot erect stems with soft pastel color shades of pink and purple.  Blooms April through early July.  Attracts pollinators and is great in flower arrangements.  A native of California woodland habitats. Native Seed Search

Beneficial Insect Mix

Sunflower Mix









Thai Basil




Herbs – special requests


  • 6-cellpack vegetables $6.00 ea. or $1.00/cell(plant)
  • Lettuce starts $0.10/start
  • Onion starts $0.25/start
  • Potato/Garlic starts $0.25/start
  • 4″ vegetables $4.00ea (late season)
  • Broadcast Seed $4.00/pack

We use succession planting as a way to maximize and extend your harvest. You may be billed more than once for plants during a season as we harvest and cycle in new starts.

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