About David Black & Co


David Black & Co specializes in full-service urban farming & regenerative landscape management. We tailor our service to meet the unique needs of our clients, never compromising on quality. Whether you have a vegetable garden or multi-acre estate, we’ve got you covered. Our team delivers on design, hardscape installation, planting, harvesting, beekeeping, animal husbandry, and overall long-term maintenance and organic care of your healthy urban homestead.

We believe gardens should be a place of health and beauty for all who use them, and in creating a safe space for the organisms we cohabitate with, big or small. Our whole-biosphere approach is influenced by natural systems, and we use organic & regenerative practices throughout our work to encourage life rather than harm it. We create gorgeous and productive spaces you can feel good about.

David Black & Co provides services in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily along the Peninsula – ranging from Hillsborough to Los Altos Hills.


David Black keeps good company.

Lead Gardenerd

Maintenance Supervisor

Dr. Greenthumbs

Project Supervisor

Maintenance Technician

Vegetable Garden & Greenhouse Supervisor

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David Black & Co is growing and always interested in meeting skilled and passionate garden enthusiasts who have a strong work ethic, dedication to excellence, and professional communication skills. We are a team of kind people who work hard and love what we do. We strive to deliver the highest quality care of outdoor environments and it is our amazing team that makes it happen. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

David Black

Lead Gardenerd

David is the founder and backbone of David Black & Co. He launched this business in 2013 and thrives off of helping clients welcome healthy and productive homestead living into their lives. He’s a reliable garden advocate to have in your corner, and he’s also someone you’d want with you if you were stranded in the woods in search of food. Not many people can prepare you a rustic mushroom salad and venison meal during a survival crisis.

William Callen


Will’s construction management and irrigation expertise has served clients well throughout the USA. He ensures our team is staying safe while installing projects to the highest quality. And when he’s not saving water via smart irrigation, he’s still getting technical while mountain biking somewhere near or far.

Jonathan Deluna

Dr. Greenthumbs

Jonathan’s been obsessed with farming since a youth working on his grandfather’s farm in Colombia. He has a wealth of knowledge, and if you have a question about pruning or fermenting – or anything! – he’s your guy.

Shannon Harris

Project Supervisor

Shannon is often busy operating serious machinery and chainsaws, but he’s more than happy to take a break from the heavy lifting to teach you how to grow your own food. Just don’t ask him what color the bell peppers are.

Jose Luis Maeda Ayon

Maintenance Technician

Jose consistently tackles any garden project with steadfast care. He loves working with his hands and contributes so much to our team’s efficiency. 

Katya Gamolsky

Vegetable Garden & Greenhouse Supervisor

Katya’s love for gardening shines through all of her plant projects.  The enthusiasm and passion she brings to our client gardens is only matched by her diligent care in our greenhouses with her beloved dog Wally by her side.